HP 88XL (C9393A) High Yield Yellow Ink Cartridge

The HP C9393AN (HP88XL) HP 88XL Large Yellow Inkjet Cartridge. Engineered to deliver exceptional color accuracy and efficiency, this high-capacity ink cartridge is designed to meet the demands of professional documents, graphics, and more.

Key Features:

  1. Vibrant Color Precision: Immerse your prints in captivating yellow tones and vivid colors. The HP C9393AN (HP88XL) ensures that your color prints stand out with professional-grade quality and accuracy.
  2. Higher Page Yield: With a significantly higher page yield compared to standard cartridges, the HP C9393AN (HP88XL) lets you print more pages before replacements are needed. Perfect for tasks requiring consistent high-volume color printing.
  3. Genuine HP Quality: Experience the genuine HP quality that the HP C9393AN (HP88XL) offers. This high-capacity ink cartridge is engineered to seamlessly integrate with HP printers, guaranteeing optimal color quality, reliability, and consistent performance.
  4. Effortless Installation: Installing the HP C9393AN (HP88XL) cartridge is straightforward. Quickly replace your old cartridge and resume your printing tasks with minimal disruption.
  5. Verified Compatibility: Prior to purchase, confirm compatibility with your specific HP printer model. Compatibility information is available on the product packaging or HP’s official website, ensuring seamless integration with your printer.
  6. Reliable Performance: The HP C9393AN (HP88XL) upholds the trusted reputation of HP products, delivering consistent and high-quality color printing, page after page.


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